Sunset Dining

Those muggy, humid days of mid-summer are upon us bringing moist air that the winter squash, corn and tomatoes thrive upon.  Summer squash and zucchini are picked daily and if missed, they turn into baseball bats within 24 hrs.  The winter wheat is ripening into a beautiful gold and contrasts brilliantly against the late planted lush green oats.  The oats will be turned under for a green mulch and the wheat will be harvested for our year’s supply of wheat berries.  The decision is still out on what to plant this fall for an over-wintering crop.  We’ll keep you posted, but winter rye is a favorite.

We’ve been experiencing brilliant sunsets at 122 Corson over the past few weeks as the twilights last long and create amazing mountain silhouettes against the red/gold skies.  The conversion of the barn to house is showing progress and after 8 months of scaffolding the cedar shingling is just days from completion.  We’re looking forward to consolidating to live at this one location and hoping there is a buyer who would like to join our neighborhood!

The weeds also favor the damp, hot weather and shortly we’ll venture out to pull a few.  This is the time of plenty and our chef, Ed Lamarre is turning the garden bounty into delicious menus.  We have tables available this coming weekend, July 28th which also happens to be my baby sister’s 60th birthday.  Happy Birthday Carmel!  So wish we could be in Western Australia to share the celebration but that mighty ocean gets in the way.

If you are wishing to create a summer memory, come out and join us.  Also, if you want to experience one of our cooking classes, we have one spot open for this coming Sunday’s class, ‘High English Tea’; learn the special art of creating those light biscuits you admire in bakeries under the guidance of Mary Ann Reynolds.  You’ll find the menus and class info on the website at  Happy summer days!

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