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We have been farming since 1976 and growing our own food has been the focus of all our farming ventures. We have seen many evolutions since the early years, from raising a nationally recognized flock of sheep, running a small dairy, growing vegetables in high-tunnel greenhouses, expanding the vegetable production to several acres, building a commercial fresh pasta business to our present day venture at 122 Corson. The constant within the evolution is growing and producing what we eat.

We have always eaten well and believe in the saying “you are what you eat.” Like most people, we occasionally like to have an evening out, to relax and 

enjoy the luxury of someone else’s cuisine. Only, we usually end the evening with the thought that the meal wasn’t as good as it could have been had it started with products grown on our own farm or produced within Maine. 122 Corson was born from this thought process.

The location is spectacular with its broad view of the foothills and mountains, and the farm has always been a source of pride, from the 100 year old apple orchard to the well-kept hay fields and vegetable gardens.

We welcome you to our table to share in the style of living that we have been privileged to enjoy for the past 40 years.

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122 Corson is an exceptional ‘on farm’ dining experience located off the beaten path in rural Mercer, Maine. Visitors enjoy an intimate and relaxing atmosphere and delicious food made with the best possible local ingredients. Some of the menu’s food is grown just feet away from the kitchen on pristine Blue Ribbon Farm. Scenery while dining is spectacular with broad views of Maine’s Western Mountains region. Guests are warmly greeted by Owners, Bob & Mary Burr. 122 Corson celebrates the European tradition that a meal is about community and the simple pleasures of life.