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March Newsletter 2019

Last week was the launch of the Climate Change Lecture Series at 122 CORSON and it got off to an impressive start with a large THANK YOU to Dr. Brad Hager for his insightful and intelligent presentation of ‘Energy & Climate’.   Also, thank you to those in attendance for your good questions and active participation.  We had a full house which was not unexpected since many in the audience had either heard Dr. Hager on a previous occasion, or knew of his renown.   We all ended the evening in anticipation for the 2nd in the series with Dr. Sean Birkel (UMO) and Maine Climatologist.   Dr. Birkel’s presentation will be ‘Maine’s Changing Climate’, March 26th, 7 – 9 p.m.  Many folks have preregistered, so you don’t need to register again.  Anyone wanting to join the event, please email at your convenience.

On the farm front, the greenhouse has seen days registering in the 90’s!  I guess it’s time to start planting, so we’ve done just that…..today!  We’re jumping the gun with potatoes, but hopefully we’ll have new potatoes by late May or early June, and with any luck we won’t be fighting the potato beetles.  Next planted was shell peas and snap peas; greens mix; radish; spinach; cilantro; arugula; broccoli, and pac choi.   All cold weather crops; here’s hoping!

We have been hoping for a little more winter since conditions in the woods have been perfect for harvesting and one of us hasn’t exhausted the cross-country skiing for the season.  The sheep and goat haven’t been barn-bound;  the short snowfall has allowed them to exercise in the orchard all winter.   Even the laying hens have had more days outside to stretch their wings than previous winters.  Egg production has remained constant.   Bob has been seeing large deer herds browsing on the felled maple tree top with each trip to the woods, and he has mentioned that the sap is now running.  Many of our neighbors have their buckets out and we know that some of you are boiling this week.  There’s nothing like a pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup, a true Maine tradition.

At the restaurant, 122 CORSON, we are open for 2 special dinners in March.  Chef Eddie has prepared a menu to celebrate the unique foods of Maine which is slated for Saturday, March 14th ‘Maine’s Bicentennial’ and March 21st is the vernal equinox so join us for ‘The First Day of Spring’ celebration.  Since we change the clocks into Daylight Savings this coming weekend, there will be cocktails while watching the sunset.  Reservations can be made by visiting the website at www.122corson.com, calling (207)587-2019, or emailing at bburr@tdstelme.net.   We are looking forward to seeing new and old friends since we consider Saturday nights at 122 Corson, our Saturday Night Parties!

Mary and Bob

Reservations can be made at www.122corson.com or call (207)587-2019


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