Happy Thanksgiving

Winter wants to come early this year. As we write this, we have 6″ of fresh snow since after midnight. Although we have been preparing for snow, it always seems to come as a surprise. We weren’t anticipating quite so much, but it’s early in the season and the snow may come and go several times before winter settles in for the duration. We would rather have clear weather for driving for

Thanksgiving Day and we may yet, we’ll see! The point of this letter is to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day. We will be hosting fine dining at 122 Corson through November and December and we recommend that you check the ‘Upcoming Menus’ for dates and choices. With Chef Eddie’s Italian heritage, the cuisine will feature Italian menus through the end of the year. Italian cuisine is our favorite and Eddie has the knowledge and family history to make it authentic.

We will be hosting a dinner celebration on New Year’s Eve and we recommend that you book early for a table. Chef Eddie is preparing a special menu for a special night.


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