Full Bloom at 122 Corson

The summer flowers are in full bloom…

Thanks to our good friend, Sue Bartholf, who is our landscape specialist, this year’s garden has grown in maturity and lasting beauty.  Such a lovely entrance to a special location!

Maine’s lush summer evenings at 122 Corson are rich with beautiful sunsets,  vibrant gardens, Chef Eddie LaMarre’s succulent meals, and memorable conversations.  The aroma of the pine timber-frame and relaxed atmosphere that penetrates every aspect of 122 Corson is the perfect antidote to a busy week or that favorite place that you want to share with your close friends and family.

With summer being our busiest season and reservations filling fast, we don’t want to disappoint anyone, so you may want to make your reservations at least one week in advance.  Our menus are listed on the website and by clicking on which ever date is appealing, the entire menu can be found under that date.

We hope you take the time to slow down and enjoy one of those wonderful summer nights with us at 122 Corson.

Mary & Bob


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