Spring Senses

An early walk between farms…

had the sounds of spring filling the air. The warbler, perhaps a black throated green warbler, that I consider my bird, was fluting to its mate oblivious to competing songs. An unfamiliar sound stopped my stride as I scanned the surrounds at eye level. Listening and watching for a minute or two and realizing the sound was coming from above, looking up, there were the fresh, new unfurled leaves of a quaking aspen shaking to a breeze and shimmering in the first light.  Six months of snow make the senses of sound, smell and vision renew to the sound, smell and vision of spring.We are well into spring now and all the deciduous trees have leafed out including the lazy ash (last to leaf and first to drop!) and the lawns have been mowed twice.  Every spring we say it’s our favorite season but we say that with autumn too. What an inspiring State in which to live! It is also a State where one has to get a lot done in a short window; one season preparing for the next.

Over at the 122 Corson Road farm…

the heritage winter wheat over-wintered well and it looks like we’ll have a really good crop of wheat for harvest this summer.  We use our wheat for breads and crackers at the restaurant. Sourdough breads are a favorite and in response to many who wish to learn the secrets of successful bread baking, we have invited Dusty (Harold) Dowse to teach a class on sourdough fermentations on June 10th (Sunday) at 2 p.m., ($80).  Dusty is a retired science professor from the University of Maine, Orono, whose life passion has been baking fermented grains in brick ovens.  He is one of the foundation organizers in the now famous Skowhegan Kneading Conference. On June 10th, we will have a class limited to 8 and have the undivided time and expertise of Dusty’s knowledge on the science behind the process and a hands-on afternoon of baking.  At the end of the class we will celebrate together with a shared light meal and a beverage. To register for this class, click here or call the restaurant at (207) 587-2019 and leave a message.

The restaurant is also in full swing on Saturday nights.  You are welcome to enjoy watching the lambs before dinner, as their games are a constant source of entertainment.  There are tables open for this coming weekend, June 2nd and Eddie has an amazing menu featured: Maine Cod Fish Cakes; Spinach & Beet Salad; Beef Wellington or Maine Baked Scallops; and Chocolate Lava Cake.

Reservations can be made on-line at 122corson.net or call (207) 587-2019.

We look forward to sharing our Saturday night with you and catching up on what’s happening in your life.

Mary & Bob

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