June on the Farm

After a successful sourdough bread baking cooking class last Sunday, we’re all fired up and re-enthused about baking with our home-grown wheat.  The flavor is unsurpassed when the berries are milled minutes before dough preparation.  Our fall-planted heritage wheat is growing extremely well and it looks like we will have a good harvest in August to refill our larder for the winter.  Last week we planted a cover crop of oats over a seeding of pasture grasses.  That crop benefited from the recent rain and has now germinated.  Fingers crossed that the turkeys don’t find it before it gets well established. More about our cooking class here

New additions to Blue Ribbon Farm are two retired goats from the Jean and Peter Koons’ farm, Kennebec Cheesery.  We wanted a natural way to control the growth on our stone walls and the best way we knew was to welcome goats to the farm.  This is a first for us; we’ve been sheep people for over 40 years, but these 2 old girls are making goat believers of us.  They are sweet natured, know the ropes of being led in and out of the barn, and are eating machines.  Calamity and Anzac are now part of our eclectic family.

The lambs are growing like weeds, so cute, fat and wooly and don’t they love to play. It’s good the males aren’t so cute when it’s time for market because it would be very difficult to send them to the butcher.  The pastures are holding up to the grazing needs and the mothers are keeping their weight on and producing plenty of milk. The sheep and goats are barn partners with pens adjacent but grazing separately.  Everyone is happy!

If you have company or just wish to have an evening to relax and enjoy a rural farm view, we have tables available for all upcoming Saturday nights at 122 Corson. Give us a call at (207)587-2019 or make reservations online at 122corson.com where you can see the entire menu.  Come and see where much of your meal is grown and be pampered by our professional staff.  We’d enjoy sharing an evening with you!

Mary and Bob

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