Happy New Year to Everyone!

A new year, and a new phase beginning for us.  It’s official: we have sold our Beech Hill home, a home we have lived in for 27 years, longer than anywhere else in our lives.  We are happy, sad, happy.  Happy to be moving to a place on Corson Road we have held close to our hearts for over 40 years, sad to be leaving a home that has really been a home for many years.  We first bought part of this property in 1980 and with a few acquisitions over the years we created 35 acres of hay fields, some of it from woods.  It was hard work clearing the land but gave us a great sense of accomplishment.  We built a new home on this property in 1992.  We bought the Corson Road farm in 2001 and it provides us with a glimpse into the natural world literally in our backyard, and we are happy to be viewing our new environment with ever changing distant mountain views.  From the new vantage point, we can watch the weather approaching the State of Maine before it reaches us and we have an aerial view of soaring birds in addition to watching the coming and going of the local deer and turkey population.  We are happy to be consolidating our operations to one farm but will always cherish the years we lived on Beech Hill Road.

At 122 Corson, our winter schedule begins this coming Saturday with the first of the theme nights.  Each month through the winter, we will be hosting two theme nights a month to help alleviate the winter blues.  This coming Saturday, the 12th, we have a menu to brighten the spirits; we’ve called it “Winter Survival”.  January’s cold won’t dampen our spirits.  We actually love the winter months as they give us time to relax, feel re-energized with the crisp, fresh air, and enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire.  Mary and our Border Collie, Nell, have been taking advantage of the fresh snowfalls with cross-country skiing through the woods on a daily basis.  The snow tracks of deer, squirrels, mice, and rabbits keep Nell keenly interested especially when she finds the winter homes of a few.  Occasionally in fresh snow you can find “wing prints”.  With an abundance of owls in the area this winter it is plain to see when they make a strike in the snow.

Saturday is supposed to be January cold.  So if you are free join us for dinner at 122 Corson.  We can promise a warm atmosphere, a delicious meal, and a relaxing evening.

We wish you a happy and healthy new year!

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