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The calendar says it’s fall already and the colors emerging from the foliage are proof.  For us, it is a welcome time of the year.  We feel invigorated by the cooler temperatures and the tastes of this season like winter squash and roasted onions, just seem to hit the mark. 

We’ve had a very busy summer season at the restaurant and it has been a good growing season on the farm.  The orchard has a bountiful crop of apples and we’ve been enjoying peaches by the dozen as well as pears from our old pear trees.  We will be removing our share of honey this week from the 4 bee hives and can’t wait for that first piece of toast spread with our own honey.  Nothing like a hot cup of tea and honeyed toast!

The foliage season is a busy time at the restaurant, so if you are planning on dining here during autumn, you may want to make reservations early since we don’t like to disappoint anyone.  We will be adding more menus to the website this week.  At the moment, we have them posted until October 12th.  Chef Eddie will be giving us menus this week.  We are open every Saturday through to New Year’s Eve.

Our on-farm apartment has had plenty of use this summer particularly with a visit from Mary’s family from Australia.  In addition, guests who have dined at the restaurant have also opted to stay the night at the Airbnb.

We hope you have enjoyed the summer and we look forward to sharing a dining experience with you during the fall and early winter season.

Mary & Bob 

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