September 2023 Newsletter

122 CORSON September Newsletter

We feel thankful that the rainy summer hasn’t dampened people’s interest in dining at 122 Corson.  It has been another banner season and we still have the September and October to enjoy meeting new and returning guests. 

We are experimenting on October 21st with a “Community Table – Dinner for One or More”.  We have had a few inquiries from guests who don’t necessarily have a dining partner, but who wish to experience an evening at 122 Corson. This will be a community table of no more than six people where guests enjoy interesting conversation over a delicious meal.  When making the reservation, where it asks for the number of guests, just put “1 at community table”. 

Our August ‘Wine & Food Pairing’ was a very successful afternoon.  We had a full house and it was such an enjoyable experience we may do a repeat this winter.  We all learned a lot and also there were new acquaintances made over the shared meal.  We’ll post a date for the next pairing which we’re considering for mid-December, before the holidays for those who might want to put into practice the art of food and wine pairing.

Reporting on farm news, we have worked up the ‘23-‘24 winter season’s wood, perhaps in record time.  During this past winter, we purchased a used wood processor (a 1999 Japa 2000 processor).  This machine has made firewood processing a whole lot safer and faster.  It’s a good thing that we had cut and winched the tree-length wood into the woodyard this past winter because we still don’t have tractor access into the woods.  Hopefully it will be a dry fall and allow many of us access to the woods for a variety of put-on-hold projects.  As an example of how beneficial this rainy summer has been, have you noticed to abundance of pinecones!  The pine trees are loaded with cones as are cedar trees.   Also, the wet fields have slowed hay production, but it has given the ground nesting birds a chance to have a very successful fledging.  The sheep and goats are happy too, and the bees have recovered from the bear incursion this spring. It’s now on to fall chores.

All in all, things are good on the farm and at 122 Corson. We hope you have enjoyed the summer and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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