November 2023 Newsletter

122 Corson November Newsletter

What a year it has been at 122 Corson and Blue Ribbon Farm!  As we enter our 9th season, we want to thank you for making 2023 our BEST year at the restaurant in its 8 year history.  Our quiet little restaurant has become known far and wide, for which we are very grateful. We have welcomed many new folks to 122 this year and we continue to enjoy the company of our long-time friends and patrons that have helped us become so popular. 

While we are full for the nights of December 16th and News Year’s Eve this year, we have posted the dates that the restaurant will be open for the winter on the website.  We will update the menus after Chef Eddie finalizes the menu choices.  There will be 2 nights per month during January and February (1/13 & 1/27; Valentine’s Celebration 2/10 & 2/14), and one night each during March and April (3/16 & 4/13).  Unexpected winter storms may factor into the equation, and we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that Saturday nights will be spared. The new weekly Saturday night season will begin on May 4th.

A number of people have asked us what our most popular entrée has been this year. Well, the answer is duck. We offer two duck entrees; a crispy roast half duck as well as a crispy pan roasted duck breast. We are not sure why duck is so popular, perhaps it is the endless varieties of sauces. Either of these duck choices paired with one of the several Pinot Noirs we offer make for a memorable evening. And, of course, Eddie’s signature Beef Wellington is a close runner up.

On the farm front, we have a new addition to our family.  We are happy to add retired goat, Flicka, to our menagerie.  She’s a white Nubian cross who has had a very productive life helping Jean and Peter Koons of Kennebec Cheesery, in the production of their award-winning cheeses.  Flicka has earned her retirement and we’re very happy to have her as the stablemate for Donatella.  We get a lot of enjoyment being around the goats and of course, our sheep.  The goats, however, are quite entertaining and have such inquisitive personalities.  Donatella likes to know exactly where we are and what is going on anywhere, at all times.

Finally we want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving as we approach the holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you in the snow or in the warmer days that will surely come next summer.

Mary & Bob 

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