May 29th, 2019 Newsletter

May is a busy time on the farm; there are annual spring chores like shearing the sheep, planting the greenhouse and garden, cleaning up the edges of the hay fields and the beginning of the lawn mowing season.  It is also a time when we plant our flower beds and prune our orchard.

Shearing sheep is hard work but one we enjoy.  Mary has figured out a method that minimizes the back strain and keeps the sheep quiet.  The flock we currently have are primarily wool sheep and their fleeces are lustrous and many have a crimp.  In years past, we have variously sent the wool to be made into mattress pads and quilts as well as turning it into roving for spinning.  This year we think we will take it to Bartlett Yarns in Harmony and sell it.  If you haven’t been to Bartlett Yarns, it is like stepping into the past.  They are the oldest continuing woolen mill in the U.S.  where the spinning jenny is still in use.

Yesterday we finished cleaning up our apple orchard.  Peter Armstrong from Temple has pruned or should we say tamed these 100 year old apple trees over the past 2 decades.  They are now showing the vigor of youthful trees and are covered in blossoms.  In addition to the Baldwin and Ben Davis, we have 2 lovely pear trees, one a Bartlett and one a Seckel pear tree.  All of these trees are beautifully shaped now.

122 Corson restaurant starts its 4th summer season this year.  If you had planned to join us, June is the perfect time and this weekend you can see the height of the apple blossoms as well as the newly shorn sheep in the pasture.  This weekend features Steak Caprese or Blackened Tuna Steak and we also accommodate vegetarians, vegans, and most dietary concerns.  You can make a reservation and see the full menu at or call (207)587-2019.

Happy Spring

Mary and Bob

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