French Rose’ & The Year of the Swallow

2018 is the year of the dog in the Chinese zodiac.  While we don’t follow the Chinese calendar, every year we declare it a year of something.  The criteria are simple: it is whatever strikes us on the farm as being particularly abundant, beautiful, or noteworthy.  This year we have decided that it is the year of the swallow.  In our 4 decades in Mercer we have never seen so many barn swallows and tree swallows on our farm.  Yesterday we counted over 50 around our Beech Hill home alone!  While we can’t account for this population boom, we do love to see the swallows’ graceful flight and how they skim over the top of our pond catching insects, and yes, getting a drink.

We seldom talk about the wonderful wines that are available to us here in Maine.  We are fortunate to have a number of distributors in the State who offer over 10,000 different wines.  Last week one of our distributors provided a tasting of some spectacular Sonoma County wines from the Duckhorn portfolio.  Part of the joy of owning a restaurant is enjoying fine wines and offering them to our customers at a reasonable price.  This year it seems like Rose’ wines are in the news everywhere.  Rose’ is often considered a French wine from Provence, but in fact Rose’ is made in many countries.  Rose’ wines are made from a variety of grapes and the color comes from brief contact with the grape skins. Typically, Rose’ wines are light and fruity and are refreshing.  It makes a perfect choice for a warm summer evening.  The next time you are at 122 Corson, ask for a free tasting of our French Rose’.

While we are full for August 11th and have limited availability on August 18th, we do have tables available for this Saturday evening, the 4th and also August 25th.   We hope you will be able to join us in the last few weeks of summer.

Mary and Bob

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