A Happy Trip Home to Australia

Two weeks in Australia in January with Mary’s family, friends, and touring, helped to shorten the winter and gave us a much needed thaw after the extreme cold experienced during the first few weeks of that month.  The heat in Australia had abated the day we arrived which was appreciated.  They had record highs of 117 degrees a few days before we arrived and the Australian Open (tennis) was well underway during that crazy heat.  Our two weeks were filled with a long anticipated family reunion which was the highlight of the trip.  Seven siblings, spouses, children and grandchildren made for a rowdy and very happy gathering.  We grew up on the Pacific coast so there were many days surfing in the warm waters of the Pacific and when we say warm, we mean 82 degrees!  A stark contrast to the Atlantic.  But we can only be away from home for so long and as usual, it was good to be home and to see our dog Nell (well cared for by good friends), who was very happy to see us home.

That break re-energized us as we prepare events and menus for 122 Corson.  Also, the weather has been unusually mild for the entire month of February.  Maple trees are being tapped, deer are dispersing from their wintering grounds, and we’ve lost an incredible amount of snow which included that dangerous ice buildup.  Although we are on winter hiatus, we are offering two nights a month to celebrate special events at the restaurant.  Next week the event is ‘A Night in Munich’.  German food is perfect for winter weather.  There’s a hardiness to Sauerbraten with German potatoes, and paired with quality Rieslings, that makes for a warmth in the soul that pairs well with the cold.
Our new website: www.122corson.net highlights the upcoming events and menus, and it’s now possible to make reservations online.  You can also meet our staff on the new site.  We have an amazing staff that makes a dining experience on our farm warm and welcoming.

This year we are making 122 Corson, situated on our Blue Ribbon Farm, available for Rehearsal Dinners and Weddings.  We have a couple of energetic and experienced Wedding Planners who will be managing those events.
Cooking classes will be available with more regularity as garden produce ripens.  These classes will involve an on-farm experience where participants will harvest the bounty prior to the kitchen experience.  One of our constant delights is picking that evening’s vegetables just prior to cooking.  With the valley and mountain backdrop, the gardens provide a memorable experience.

May 5th will begin our weekly Saturday nights and it looks like our spring-summer season is shaping up well.  We are eager to see you and to share conversations.  If you have family and friends visiting this summer and wish to create a memorable experience, we’d like to make our dining table and farm part of that experience.

Mary & Bob

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