March 10, A Night in Munich

‘A Night in Munich’.  German food is perfect for winter weather.  There’s a  hardiness to Sauerbraten Short Ribs with German potatoes and Fresh Halibut Fricassees.   For those not familiar with beef short ribs, it is a cut of beef that consists of a short portion of rib bone with a generous portion of succulent beef.   Both entrees pair well with quality Rieslings and the evening’s venue will pair well with a cold winter’s night.

One of the wines we will be featuring is a Gunderloch of the Riesling variety.  This winery was founded in 1890 by banker Carl Gunderloch. The winery is situated on a 250 million year old site of red slate soil and a unique microclimate.  This Riesling has enough integrity to hold its own with beef and pairs well with seafood.

With the days being a bit longer, there is chance that you will catch a glimpse of a spectacular sunset!

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