April Newsletter

The ewes are looking heavy in lamb and we hope to see the first of the lambs in early May.
We purposely bred the ewes to lamb in late spring to give the ewes the benefit of fresh new grass for milk production and for both mother and baby to thrive outdoors in the warm air and sun.  We hope to report in May that we have a healthy crop of newborns scampering around the farm.

April, so far, has been cold and damp, but the snow has receded from the fields with only vestiges of winter’s snow hugging the edges of the fields and patches of white in the woods.  The deer have been out in force with herds numbering up to 64 head.  A regular herd appearing evening and morning numbering around 25 to 40.  It seems the deer wintered well!

Thank you to folks who dined at 122 Corson during our ‘theme’ nights during the winter and now we are only weeks away from the season opening, May 5th.  The greenhouses are producing a bounty of fresh produce.  The early growing capacity of the greenhouses is such a luxury.  Providing fresh vegetables to be shared at our tables is a continuing mission and passion for us.
We look forward to sharing a dining experience with you and sharing the beauty of our Blue Ribbon Farm.

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