Winter 2022 Newsletter


Winter Newsletter 2022

Welcome to 2022!  For those of us born in the middle of the last century, it is hard to believe that we are now well into a new millennium.  This must be how our grandparents felt; we don’t remember getting older!  Nevertheless, it has been a grand ride to date and we believe that it’s getting better with age, much like a good wine.

Speaking of good wines, please join us for a night of good wine, good food, good company, and good conversation on January 15th.  We will be open on the 15th and we are including a few winter nights as we negotiate the quiet season: February 12th, 14th; March 19th; and April 16th.  These evenings have menus posted on the website.  Unfortunately, as Covid is still very present, we will be asking folks to show verification of vaccination.  Diners appreciated that requirement in 2021, it made them feel safe, and until Covid is behind us or under control, we’ll have to continue this practice.

What have we been up to since our last newsletter!  As many of you know, we take a lot of pleasure in our woods.  Bob has been working in the woods in accordance with our Forest Management Plan.  He has cut next winter’s firewood, started on a load of hardwood pulp, and is just finishing up a load of softwood logs which will head to a mill shortly.  And of course, our recreational trails have been keeping us occupied.  A friend, Peter Shutte, who owns Digital Graphics, donated beautiful trail signs which have been put in place.  We placed a kiosk at the entrance to the trail system and shortly we’ll be adding a detailed map along with hand-outs.  It seems that snow has been scant, but perhaps mother-nature will rectify that shortly.

If you are looking for additional walking/skiing/snowshoeing trails, the town of Mercer has recently created a picturesque trail that begins and ends off Elm St.  The trail provides an easy walk to the Sandy River through a variety of pines and mixed growth. It’s not a long walk, about ½ mile; enough length to give you a breath of fresh air and a meditation of forest and river.

If the weather co-operates, we hope to see you on one of the winter dining nights.  Stay well and enjoy our beautiful Maine winter season.

Mary and Bob

Reservations can be made at www.122corson.com or call (207)587-2019


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