Spring 2022 Newsletter


Spring Newsletter

If the current weather is any indicator, then spring is in the air.  Mother Nature can fool us with a late season snowfall or two, which happens frequently, but these glorious days can’t be taken away from us.

We’re seeing robins and bluebirds in the field and orchard and we’ve had a plethora of gold finches at the feeders.  The male finches are beginning to transition between winter khaki and summer gold.  It has been interesting to watch the gradual change.  In addition to the abundant bird life, we witnessed a mink on the hunt for squirrels last weekend.  That’s a slice of wildlife that we haven’t seen before! As usual this time of year, the deer have been grouping in large numbers to feed on the emerging grass as the snow recedes.  One evening last week, we counted 80 deer between our fields and our neighbors fields.  We’d have to say that the deer population is alive and well and they look sleek and in good condition.  All good!

If you have looked at our website recently, you’ll notice that it has been freshened up.  Within the updates, we have been able to make the ‘Reservation’ input more efficient for the guests by asking for entrée choices on-line, eliminating a lot of the back-and-forth between guest and house.  Our intention is to add a longer list of upcoming dates and menus which will allow folks the opportunity to make reservations further in advance as they plan their spring/summer/fall season.  Reservations are filling quickly which has an upside and downside.  We’re happy to have a full house, but the downside is, that we don’t like turning people away.  We encourage guests to join the ‘Wait List’ since occasionally there will be a cancellation as plans change.

Come and join us; a drink on the patio before dinner sets the mood for a relaxed evening with friends and more often than not, you may find yourself making new friends from that one degree of separation that we seem to be famous for.  You never know who you may meet.

Mary and Bob

Reservations can be made at www.122corson.com or call (207)587-2019


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